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  • During at least one High Council meeting, there was a noisy altercation in which Duke Ram of Tilth suggested that it would be little loss to cede the Near Islands and Fur Point to the Red-Ships if that would slacken their raiding, and Duke Brawndy of Bearns retaliated by threatening to stop all trade traffic along the Bear River and see if Tilth found that as small a loss. Instead, they had gathered to fight over what little was left.
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  • They'd have given me a white card, for my cunning and my strength. He dared not say anything aloud, but with his left hand he made a simple sign.
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  • Rico never liked to say too much on the phone. When McAnally killed himself, I was interested enough to want to know why.
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  • Can you give me even one instance of great evil turned to good once good has been pointed out to it? Nobody ever saw so much as a scrap of boot leather of that guard-squad ever again.
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